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Google’s camera is the most special because this Google camera has such inbuilt artificial intelligence software that makes your picture sharp and clear.

By the way, all the smartphone companies are using their own made camera app on their mobile. But Google’s own camera app is considered to be the most special. This camera app has also spread the iPhone x. So you can understand what is the importance of Google Camera.

Because it has enhanced all kinds of situations in you. Whether you are taking a picture during the day or at night, your picture will be the most bright, color balanced, and HDR.

Actually, the quality is in Google’s camera app. The coding that Google has done in this camera app is amazing.
One special thing about the Google Camera app is that you can install this Google Camera app in any Android smartphone. And you can take full advantage of any kind of camera.

google camera

Color Management

As you can see in the picture above, the left-side photo is taken from Samsung S10 which is taken from the stock camera app of Samsung. And the picture on the right side is also taken from Samsung Galaxy S10 but Google’s camera app has been used here.

Can you see the difference?

While you can see the brightness and color temperature in the picture taken from Samsung’s stock camera app, the brightness and color temperature are balanced in the picture taken from the Google Camera app. Which does not make the picture overexposed.

The Google Camera app automatically analyzes the weather and enhances it in HDR mode. And nothing over or fakes in the picture.

google camera

Bokeh Mode

In Bokeh mode, even the Google Camera app appears powerful. As you can see the picture on the left side is taken from Xiaomi’s Redmi A3, while the right side picture is taken from the same phone via the Google Camera app.

You can clearly see that the Redmi a3 has blurred the background more than its stock camera, while the background of Google’s camera app has not strengthened the background much.

Redmi A3 has detected the Edge quite well, while the Google Camera app has reduced the backgrounder less blur but has managed the Edge quite well. Which makes the picture look more real. Such as taken from the DSLR camera.

Google camera’s artificial intelligence technology has detected the ages of the subject quite well. And the background has not been emphasized much, which makes the picture look more real.

google camera

Night Mode

Here you can see two pictures on the top. The loft picture is taken from one plus 7T. And the picture on the right side is also taken from the Google Camera app in Oneplus 7T. You can see the difference.

In the left picture, the light is shining more and in the dark place, you can see a little noise. In the picture of the same right side, you also have the brightness of the light and in the dark place, you will see more bright and less noise.

Let me tell you that the Google Camera app is also very popular for night mode. Because it’s Artificial Intelligence has transferred the light to a dark area, which has brought the picture to balanced mode. And at the same time, you also get noise cancellation in this picture, so that there is no noise in your picture.

Google Camera – Video Stabilization

This video is made from Samsung galaxy s10, which you can see above. The video on the left side is also made from Samsung’s stock camera, which also has the option of video stabilizers. The video is very smooth but, somewhere you will find light shocks in the video.

The video on the right side is also made from Samsung galaxy s10. But this video is taken from the Google Camera app. In this, you can see that the video made by Google Camera is more smooth. And where in the left-side video, you also got to see light shocks, the problem is not in the right-side video.

This is because Samsung’s stock camera uses optical stabilization, in which the camera’s sensor moves according to the video. But Google Camera App has software-based video stabilization. Which works more accurately than optical stabilization.

Google Camera APK app download


Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1


  1. Download and copy/move to external sd
  2. Reboot phone to recovery and install as normal zip
  3. Test results using this app
  4. Google camera mod should work now

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2


  1. Install ADB and fastboot drivers on your laptop/pc download HERE
  2. Go to the phone’s settings > system > click on build no. 7 times to enable developer mode
  3. Enable USB debugging from the developer option
  4. Shut down the device and go to fastboot mode
  5. Connect your phone to your laptop/pc using a data cable
  6. Open command and type following command and hit ENTER per each code

fastboot devices

fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true

Asus ZenFone 5Z

Asus ZenFone 6



Note 5


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Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL

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LG G7 ThinQ ( Wide )

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